Let's Meet

I created this site as a way to introduce you to Tequanimity, but really what I'd like to do is meet you! I would like to understand a little bit more about what brought you here and how I can help you find tech-life balance.

I launched Tequanimity to create safe spaces for us to talk about the challenges you face. I have found that just talking about mindful use and tech-life balance carries an emotional charge. It can quickly make you feel judged, guilty or unhealthy: feelings which then prevent you from taking a closer look at your habits. If this resonates with your experience, you might consider coaching as a gentle way to make some powerful changes.

You may worry that you are addicted to your phone or that your use has spiraled out of control. You may be struggling with how to help your children make wise choices online and with social media. Your relationships at home or productivity at work may be suffering. You may have a low-level, but persistent feelings of agitation, anxiety, or boredom that have no "real reason" behind them. You may feel scattered or emotionally alone, in spite of being constantly connected to others. These are all natural responses to a possible tech-life imbalance, and digital mindfulness coaching can help.

Let's arrange a time to meet! Click here for convenient online scheduling of your first 1:1 coaching session or email me to set up a Tequanimity workshop or retreat in your area.